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Life Alignment Technique is the system I practice and follow.  Through our life experiences, some events can put us in flight, fight or freeze, some experiences continue to repeat, some we may think we’ve completely released, and other experiences can bring us into a more elated memory.  My sessions use all of these to shift the perspective of issues that may be coming to the surface in present time.  Our lives are not linear, but spiral and we go through similar patterns in different stages and time.   Life Alignment works with all of the subtle bodies: etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, light and causal bodies, as well as the physical body and it’s systems, and the cosmic planets, space, and rays.  In a session we connect through quantum particles, the higher selves or other assisting frequencies that bypass the conscious mind, the body tells what’s happening now.  I use Life Alignment Technique tools and protocol with you to bring in flow to the focused area after releasing the protection that has it in flight, fight or freeze states.   We do this by permission, gathering physical body and subtle body information, and making the body a bio-computer.  We also gather a story by using charts of over 2500 words that have an emotional pattern behind it, I’ll gather a few of those words, some may be difficult words we use to get to the story and some positive words the session is aiming for.  With these words you will be asked what they mean to you and if there is a story is behind it.  We may need a time frame to get into the gateway of the pattern, or a person involved, bringing more to the story.  The deeper the feeling, the deeper the healing.  After the story is entered into the body folder, we’ll go through the balancing process.  First we balance the story and this is done through imagery and takes the most time in the session, after the emotions and story is balanced I’ll balance the physical and subtle bodies and other rays or frequencies involved in the session.  There is a closing process to reboot the bio-computer, integrate the new frequencies and save it.   We then will take a little time to talk and maybe there is some ‘homework’ to do that will strengthen the change in energy.